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Configuring secure access

This tutorial will walk you through Security Groups and IP rules

Security Groups

Configuring your security groups allows you to determine what traffic can access which port on your instance

Enabling SSH and ICMP

In this tutorial we will add rules to the existing Default security group that will enable SSH and ICMP access to your instance

Navigate to Project > Network, then click on Security Groups


The available security groups for this project are now displayed, select the group with the Default security group description and click Manage Rules on the right

Click on Add Rule

Select SSH from the Rule dropdown list, make sure the Remote is set to CIDR and fill in


Click Add

You have now added a rule to the Security Group

click Add Rule again

Select All ICMP from the Rule dropdown list

Make sure the Direction is set to Ingress, the Remote is set to CIDR and fill in


click Add

You can now access your instance by SSH and ICMP