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Load Balancing

This tutorial will walk you through setting up a basic load balancer between two http instances.

For examples on deploying various types of load balancers using the OpenStack CLI, check out the OpenStack Basic Load Balancing Cookbook

Create a load balancer

Navigate to Network > Load Balancers and click on Create Load Balancer


Load Balancer Details

Assign your load balancer a unique name and choose a Subnet, in this case external


Make sure Admin State Up is set to Yes and click Next

Listener Details

Give your new listener a name, set the Protocol to Http and make sure the Port is now set to 80


Pool Details

Give your new pool a name, choose the appropriate algorithm. In this tutorial we'll use LEAST_CONNECTIONS


Make sure Admin State is set to up, then click Next

Pool Members

Add the instances you want to balance from the list and set the port to 80


Click Next

Monitor Details

Give your health monitor a name, click on the Type dropdown menu and select Http. Adjust the default settings if needed


Click on Create Load Balancer

You have now created your load balancer.