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Creating a new network

Navigate to Network > Networks

Click on Create Network



Give your new network a name and if necessary, tick the Create Subnet box


In this tutorial we will also create a subnet, if you do not need a subnet, deselect the Create Subnet box and click Create. Otherwise, click Next



Give your subnet a name and fill in the network address in the Network Address box, using the CIDR format (e.g.,,2001:DB8::/48)

Choose an IP version and gateway IP

Leaving the Gateway IP box blank will use the default value. If you don't want to use a gateway, check the Disable Gateway box

Click Next

Subnet Details

Here you can add additional attributes to the subnet if required

Add IP addresses to the Allocation Pools in the following way: [start_IP_address],[end_IP_address] (e.g.,,

Add DNS name servers for your subnet in the DNS Name Servers box

Add additional routes to the host in the Host Routes box. Add entries as follows: [destination_cidr],[nexthop] (e.g.,,

Note that you can only add one entry per line

Click on Create, you have now created your new network