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How to launch an instance

In this tutorial we'll work through setting up a Leafcloud instance

Navigate to Compute, then click on Instances


Click on Launch Instance, on the center right


Give your instance a unique name (ie. testinstance) and add a description.

The Availability Zone is where the instance will be deployed, the Count setting allows you to create multiple instances with the same settings, for the purpose of this tutorial make sure it is set to 1


Click on next


In this tutorial we will create a new volume and boot from a specific image. For booting from an existing volume or an instance snaphot, see the related tutorials

Make sure your settings are as follows:

Boot Source: Image, check to make sure that Create New Volume is selected

Volume Size: 10GiB, check if Delete Volume on Instance Delete is not selected

Select CentOS-8 by clicking the up arrow on the right


Click on next


This is the type of server used to host your instance.

Select ec1.small, by clicking on the up arrow on the right. These ec sites are servers located at one of our Leaf-sites, where server heat is re-used locally


Click next


Here you can determine on which channels the instance will be reachable

Select external, this gives your instance a public IP address


Click Launch Instance at the bottom of the frame, you have now started your instance